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The success of e-commerce is inseparable from the emergence of platform companies, and Shopee is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms. This report will discuss the design of Shopee and how it led to its success. Firstly, this report will explain the background of Shopee. Secondly, it will analyze the objectives of Shopee's design and how these objectives became reality. Finally, this report will discuss the implications of Shopee's design and explore ideas of how it could be improved.


Shopee is an e-commerce platform founded in Malaysia in 2015 by Sea. It primarily operates in South East Asia with over 6.5 million downloads on Google Play and Apple AppStore. The company quickly gained traction and soon operated in countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. As of 2019, it went public and was worth 14 billion dollars.

Objectives of Design

Shopee is driven by the idea that customers should have access to cheap, convenient and reliable items. In order to achieve this goal, Shopee has two main design objectives. First, it seeks to create an experience that is easy and entertaining for users by providing a well-structured website and clear navigation options. Second, Shopee wants customers to purchase items with the lowest market prices. To do this, it uses the Buy Now feature on its website, which allows customers to quickly compare prices and add to cart.


To achieve its design objectives, Shopee used a variety of strategies. Firstly, it integrated social networking with its platform to create a fun, engaging experience. As mentioned, it also created a convenient experience with the Buy Now feature, which made it easy to compare prices and shop faster. Additionally, it used artificial intelligence (AI) to create personalized suggestions and to improve the product search process.

These strategies have resulted in highly successful outcomes. According to research, Shopee has been able to generate more than $11 billion in merchandise value in 2019 alone. Additionally, it is estimated that Shopee currently holds around 90% market share in Malaysia and is continuing to expand in other countries. Finally, Shopee’s website has earned a five-star rating from customers and continues to receive positive reviews from its users.


The success of Shopee’s design has several implications. Firstly, it has allowed Shopee to become a leading e-commerce platform in the South East Asia market. Secondly, it has also allowed Shopee to generate more customers, resulting in higher profits and more market share.

Finally, Shopee’s design has allowed it to create a strong and presence. By creating an enjoyable user experience and providing customers with the lowest prices, Shopee has been able to differentiate itself from its competitors and develop a positive and image.


Shopee’s design has been highly successful in achieving its objectives and has enabled it to become a leading e-commerce platform in South East Asia. By creating an easy-to-use website and providing customers with the lowest market prices, Shopee has been able to create a strong and presence and generate more customers. As e-commerce continues to grow, Shopee’s design will undoubtedly continue to play an important role in its success.